Redondo Beach Triathlon

Swim Course

Sprint: 1/2 Mile

Mini Sprint: 1/4 Mile

Sprint: Swim starts just north of the Topaz Jetty. Turn right at the first yellow buoy and head north towards the Pier. Keep all 3 yellow buoys on your right. Make a right at the third yellow buoy and head into shore.

Mini Sprint:3/4 way between Sprint Start and Finish. Swimmers will turn right at the red buoy and head diagonally towards the Sprint Swim’s 3rd yellow buoy. Make a right at the third yellow buoy and head into shore.

Triathlon Lab Bike Course

Sprint (two loops - 6 miles): Walk your bike out of transition, mount your bike, turn left onto Esplanade, then right onto Catalina Avenue. After 4 blocks, turn right on Knob Hill, then a quick left onto Esplanade. Ride to Avenue I then make a U-turn. Backtrack to Torrance Blvd. where you will turn left and head down towards the pier on the Torrance Loop. Looping back up the hill remember to stay to the left of the cones if you are doing a second lap continuing on Catalina. Stay to the right of the cones if you are finishing the bike, merging right off of Catalina and onto the road in front of the Elks Lodge. Just pass the Elks Lodge be prepared to dismount, walking your bike into the transition area to rack your bike and start your run.

Mini Sprint: one loop, 3 miles.

Village Runner Run Course

Sprint/Mini Sprint: From out of the transition area turn right and run down George Freeth Way (GFW) towards the pier.  Just before the end of GFW run onto the bike path continuing towards the pier (Use caution due to construction on the pier). Stay on detour path just before the bike path begins inside the pier parking structure. At that point veer left onto the side walk then right. (Run Detour #1 Begins)Stay on sidewalk (ocean/pier on your left and parking structure on your right) until you pass Kincaid’s Restaurant.   Turn left at Kincaid’s Restaurant, onto the pier.  Run about 100 yards then make a U-turn back towards Kincaid’s. Once you make your U-turn you are back on the original run course.  Keeping left, head down the ramp around the Octagon Building and onto the International Board Walk (IBW). Stay on IBW until you pass Delzano’s By the Sea (At this point this is where the Mini Sprint turns right).